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“Oh.” Phoenix took the hint at once and quickly rose from the couch. He had been through the escape-from-angry-parents-thing a couple of times in his past already, but not an escape-from-suspicious-aunt. “Do I, like, sneak out the kitchen door or something?” With Isabelle’s help he stood on the porch outside the back door just seconds later, just as he heard the front door open. “Bye,” he whispered with a big smile on his face. “I’ll see you at the party, yeah?” Before she answered, he had turned around and disappeared out in the darkness.

Isabelle liftet a hand as a “good bye” and locked the back door and turned around in time to see her aunt step in. “Hi,” Isabelle said and walked upstairs towards her room.

helen-miller replied to your post: I still don’t know what to dress up like at the party.
The pirate costume looks pretty awesome.

Yeah, I thought so too!

I’m thinking about being either a vampire or a pirate.


“You bet your ass I could! I would be the belle of the ball.” Phoenix laid his head back and laughed loudly again. “But, no…” he said after a little while when his laughter had calmed down. “Think of the children, Isabelle. I’d ruin their innocent little minds with my tutu. It’s better with zombie masks.” He winked at her.

Isabelle laughed. “You may have a point there, yeah.” Isabelle took a sip from the glass. Then she heard someone locking up the door. “My aunt’s home,” Isabelle said, looking at Phoenix like a hint for him to go. Not that she really wanted him to go. She liked talking to him, but her aunt would probably ask him a lot of wierd and suspicious questions, just in case.